What is EnaFix?
EnaFix is an anti-decay toothpaste specially formulated for prevention and control of dental caries.
What does EnaFix toothpaste contain?
EnaFix toothpaste contains Anticay 5% which is a complex mix of Calcium Sucrose Phosphate with inorganic amorphous calcium phosphate.
How does EnaFix toothpaste work?
During brushing, Calcium Sucrose Phosphate (Anticay) in EnaFix quickly breaks down and releases calcium, phosphate and sucrose phosphate ions into the saliva. Calcium and phosphate ions, rapidly adsorb onto the enamel, decrease the rate of enamel solubility under acidic conditions & at neutral pH increase the rate of remineralization. The added factor- sucrose phosphate anions adsorbed onto the enamel surface decrease the rate of acid dissolution. Thus EnaFix helps remineralize and inhibit dental caries.
How does EnaFix protect teeth against dental caries?
EnaFix toothpaste helps to:
  • Reharden the softened enamel.
  • Super harden the unsoftened enamel.
  • Reduce the overall rate of acid solubility of enamel.
Thus EnaFix prevents and protects teeth against decay.
What are the benefits of EnaFix toothpaste?
  • EnaFix rapidly rehardens and super hardens the enamel and thereby helps prevent caries in children.
  • EnaFix helps remineralize and strengthen weak enamel in adults and elders.
  • EnaFix is highly beneficial to those patients who are at increased risk of caries, reduced salivary flow (hypo salivation), Xerostomia (dry mouth) and patients with low levels of calcium and phosphate in their saliva's composition.
  • EnaFix helps to improve the appearance of fluorosed teeth.
  • EnaFix is a better alternative to fluoride toothpaste and can be used by all age groups.
How to use EnaFix toothpaste?

Brush your teeth thoroughly with EnaFix toothpaste for at least 2 minutes twice a day in the morning and night or as recommended by your dentist or physician.

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